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Case IH
AR Boom Irrigator
Irrigation: Jeff Stokes

Machinery: Hilton Hoger
Ph: 07 5468 0000
Fax: 07 5462 3329

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Machinery and Irrigation Specialists in the Lockyer Valley
A Division of Lockyer Investment Co Pty Ltd (Inc. in Qld)
75 Crescent Street, Gatton 
Queensland 4343 Australia
Postal: P.O. Box 1, Gatton
Queensland 4343 Australia
Telephone: +61 (0)7 5468 0000
Fax:           +61 (0)7 5462 3329

Agricultural Requirements was established in 1948 as an International Harvester Dealership for the Lockyer Valley, the salad bowl of Queensland. The Case-IH franchise today remains the company's flagship of its agricultural machinery range. 

Over the years Agricultural Requirements diversified into other pursuits such as irrigation and manufacturing and today manufactures the AR Boom Irrigator at its Gatton site. The engineering division also produces Sprayers, Square Plows and Pulverisers as well as modifying machinery for horticultural use. Agricultural Requirements' Engineering Division manufactures three main products : 
AR Boom Irrigators (Low Pressure Water Driven) in models from 42m to 94m, 
AR Boom Sprayers and 
AR Square Plow.

Many irrigation components are produced in the Gatton Workshop as well, including valves, risers, column and shaft, sockets, stands, pump bases and aluminium fabrication. They also carry-out jobbing work for local councils, businesses and farmers. 


General Manager: Noel Baines Mob. 0417 729 499
Sales Manager: Hilton Hoger Mob. 0407 117 024
Irrigation Sales: Jeff Stokes
Bradley Olm
Ross Duncan
Mob. 0419 772 827
Mob. 0408 716 767
Mob. 0407 674 743
Machinery Sales: Brad Zischke Mob. 0409 641 130
Service Manager: Glenn Yarrow Mob. 0409 616 207
Workshops Manager: Steve Sullivan Mob. 0419 726 539