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AR Boom Irrigator
Irrigation: Jeff Stokes

Machinery: Hilton Hoger
Ph: 07 5468 0000
Fax: 07 5462 3329

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Machinery and Irrigation Specialists in the Lockyer Valley

      AR Sprayers

AR Sprayer

3 Point Linkage

  • Compact
  • Manoeuvrable
  • Ideal for smaller crop areas


Custom Built To Your Specifications


  • Larger tank size
  • Larger boom
  • Ideal for larger crop areas

AR Sprayer

AR Sprayer Pump
Pumps are available in a variety of sizes to suit your individual requirements


The AR control valve kit includes all hoses and fittings for mounting the sprayer. Standard version features four valve outlet.

* Manual pressure compensating
* Electronic pressure compensating
* Master on/off 3 section switches and wiring
* Control valves from manual electric 
   to full electric

Tanks and Cradles

All Boomspray tanks are solid high density fibre glass construction, with rounded slimline shape for optimum agitation. They feature large lid, deep strainer, non splash lip, AR pumps & suction filters and are mounted in robust heavy duty hot dip galvanised steel frames with a square base. Fresh water tanks are also standard. 

Heavy duty galvanised steel means your AR Boomspray
performs at optimum efficiency
with long term durability

AR Sprayer Boom
The booms folds gull wing 
style for easier handling

* Tank size 3PL (Fibre glass) 500, 700, 
   850, & 1000 Ltr
* Trailer (Poly Eurothane) 1000, 1200,
   1500, 2000, 2400 & 3000 Ltr
* Filler strainer
* Priority agitation
* Suction filter with tap
* Spot spraying hose and hose reel

AR Sprayers

Control valves

Solid galvanised steel construction with forward / backward breakaway, trapezium self-levelling device and spraying system nozzles which fold "gull wing" style for transport.

* 7 meter to 18 meter boom lengths
* Hydraulic level, hydraulic lift, self levelling
* Spray & Nozzle spacing & type
* Spray nozzle droppers
* Nozzles in single jet, triplets or air assist
* Hydraulic contour attachment


AR diaphragm pumps come complete with hoses and 
PTO shaft. Pumps are mounted onto the sprayer frame.

* Pump capacity: 70 Ltr/Min, 115 Ltr/Min,
  135 Ltr/Min & 150 Ltr/Min
* AR diaphragm pumps
* Pressure filter

Parallelogram hydraulic lift

Parallelogram Hydraulic Lift

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